Paris Honeymoon Trip

Even after being together for four years, this trip has taken on a very special meaning because we are now husband and wife. As I reflect on our wedding, I know it couldn’t have been more perfect. I know that many women dream about large, extravagant weddings, and it may seem strange that I opted for such simplicity, but George and I simply wanted to become a married couple in a meaningful way.

We both agreed that we didn’t need to spend a fortune for our perfect day. So we planned very small, but very special ceremony – and it was all the magic we needed. Now we have embarked on a trip that we will remember for a lifetime!


First stop two nights in Paris – France

We arrived early in the morning, about 7am. The air was clear and brisk, and none of the shops were open except for one or two French bakeries where the fragrance of freshly baked croissants drifted through the narrow streets. But we were so tired and cold, that even the aroma of the croissants did not tempt us to linger.

We had rented a room in a Paris apartment through Airbnb, an agency where travelers can stay in unique places offered by local hosts in 190+ countries. (If you don’t know what Airbnb is, click here) Once we found our host’s location, we parked our rental car in a lot that was located under a block of flats and was only accessible through a narrow, winding, underground road. It was the smallest parking spot we had ever seen and a navigational nightmare, but somehow we managed to squeak in with only a few, almost invisible, scratches.


The name of our host was Silouane. He welcomed us warmly, showed us his apartment, and then went to work. We were so tired, that we crawled right into bed and didn’t wake up until 4pm. Feeling much more refreshed, we each enjoyed a cup of hot coffee on the balcony as we looked at the street activity below. When Silouane returned from work, he brought us French croissants, which were incredibly delicious. We couldn’t have found a more thoughtful host! Silouane is a talented musician, and we enjoyed listening to him strumming his guitar. He also told us all about the local sites to see – and so this is how our Paris trip began.

We decided to leave the car where it was parked and bought Metro tickets – a wise move! Paris traffic and parking is absolutely crazy! The Metro was quick, convenient and simple. The first place we visited was Montmartre, the highest hill in Paris, with its beautiful streets, quaint shops, art studios and French chocolates. What could be more delightful than nibbling on Parisian chocolates during a leisurely stroll?



We then went to the Arc de Triomphe at the very heart of Paris and climbed 284 steps for a bird’s eye view of the city before enjoying a romantic “Champs-Élysées” sunset.


Discovering new sites for our Wedding photography mission

The next morning we dressed up into our wedding clothes – as carefully as if it were our wedding day. I styled my hair and put on makeup, and then we got on tram to the center of Paris to take some memorable pictures. It was a lovely, warm sunny day. Everyone was staring at us all dressed up in our finery. Some even wanted to have their picture taken with us! George positioned his camera tripod beside the fountains on the Palais de Chaillot in view of the Eiffel Tower. Suddenly all the fountains were turned on, making a stunning background for our photo!



The day was getting warmer, but we were determined to walk to the Notre Dame cathedral. On the way we found the famous “love lock” bridge with the thousands of padlocks that couples have attached to the bridge with their names inscribed on them – and of course we did the same.

“Some liquid refreshment and going ahead”

Notre Dame! The architecture and massive chandeliers were absolutely breathtaking – incredibly gorgeous and absolutely worth the long hot walk in our wedding clothes.

Although the sun was close to setting, we still wanted to take more ‘selfie’ pictures with the world-renowned “Louvre” as a backdrop, but first we found the closest restaurant for a meal and coffee because we were very tired and hungry. Then, as the sun set, illuminating the Louvre, we took another stunning wedding selfie.



After this amazing photo shoot, we had a very long walk back – but it was totally worth it! We arrived back to the apartment exhausted, but because it was our last night in Paris, we still wanted to take some night pictures of the city.

About 4am the next morning, George pulled me from our warm bed to go outside with him. Such is life with a photographer! We positioned ourselves just under the Arc de Triomphe with all street lights framing us. George took a few pictures of the monument and then a few pictures of the two of us together. He really liked the idea of the street lights in the photo. As he went back to his camera to check the settings, all the street lights were turned off! Yes, off! I was just standing there and didn’t know if I felt like laughing or crying. Since we were bone-tired and almost frozen, we opted for a quick trip by car to capture the Paris morning Yes indeed – we pulled the car out from that crazy parking spot.


Just a quick video of morning Paris from our car done by GoPro

After filming Paris at dawn, we went back to apartment to pack our bags and had another quick nap before we left. We booked a night in Dijon so that we could catch up on our rest before our next adventure – Switzerland!

So this is where our Paris trip ends, but we will post about Switzerland and other beautiful places we have visited very soon!


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