A Little help with Planning your Wedding Day

Will you marry me? After this question, right now, you can start planning your wedding day. But where should I start? What should I do as first? There is too many important things which should be sorted out or booked. We understand, that you want your big day to be more than brilliant, so we would like to give you advice and few tips about wedding photography, bridal hair and makeup. What you should start doing, what you should probably be looking for at first and what you should definitely avoid.

Keep things SIMPLE...

What do you want your wedding to be like?

Do you know what kind of style your wedding should be? Do you like the classic wedding look? Or, now the very popular vintage or retro style? Are you comfortable with posing in front of a camera or you hate it? It’s very important to have a clear mind about this. Have a good chat with your partner, family or friends. Also internet is full of ideas and they are waiting just for you.

Have you answered to all these questions? Well, now is the right time to find your wedding photographer, hairstylist and makeup artist.

Sometimes makeup artists or hairstylists are already fully booked year ahead. So, maybe it’s better to start looking a bit earlier. Try to find a makeup artist or a hairstylist in your area. Do not worry if you can’t find any. Most of them do not mind traveling. Then, find their portfolio. Ask them, what kind of brand of cosmetics they are working with. In my opinion, hairstylists or makeup artists should be working with professional brands only. If you like their portfolio, ask for an appointment with trial makeup or hairstyle. After the hairstyle or makeup trial, take a picture of it and show it to your friends. If you like the result and you are one hundred percent sure about it, book your day with the artist. In my opinion it is good to make another appointment with your makeup artist a few days or weeks before your wedding. Maybe you like your eye shadows or whole look, but do not forget, that your skin of your face is changing according to seasons. It means, that for example if you had your appointment with the makeup artist in December, when your face might be more sensitive and dry because of the winter weather and your wedding is in summer, it means, that your face might be more oily because of the sun or other factors then in December. Therefore it is better to book another appointment and try makeup foundation again. Go out with it and wear it for a while. Then, you will see if the makeup is good for your skin or not. You do not want your face to look shiny on your wedding pictures. You will not have time to powder your face all day long, just because your makeup artist didn’t choose the right foundation for you.


Traditionally you want to follow the rules, but REMEMBER this wedding is all about you so make it a day that resembles YOUR personality and that you will both remember for years and years to come as your PERFECT wedding MOMENTS.

You do not want your face to look shiny on wedding pictures. You will not have time to powder your face all day long, just because your makeup artist did not choose the right foundation for your face. Do not forget, that everything will be captured by the photographer. As every bride, also you want to look and feel special. Therefore it’s very important to get the best result from your wedding makeup.

Good makeup, good hairstyle, good photos, happy bride!

I personally recommend to put extra care into bridal hairstyle too. My favorite professional hair care products are by L’oreal Professionnel, Matrix Biolage, CHI. If you prefer more nature way, definitely try organic coconut oil. Big volume, curls or hair pined up, whatever you like. But, do not forget to match your dress and accessories with your hair.

When is the right time to book the wedding photographer?

If you already chosen the day of the wedding, it is time to choose the place of event and photographer. As a professional photographer my advice is to take time with choosing the right place for your wedding, because from the large part of the wedding photos, the place makes the pictures.

If your planning to have the wedding ceremony outside,its good to discuss your decision with your wedding photographer, because the photographer already has experience and can tell what is the best time and place for good light which is most important. For example, at noon the sun might make unwanted shades on your faces. Even the best professional photographer ever will not be able to reduce shades from your faces. Therefore it is good to discuss the time and place of your wedding ceremony with your wedding photographer.

How to choose a good wedding photographer?

First of all, I think, when you like someones photos, you will know that the photographer is right for you. But, its always good to make sure, if the wedding photographer has professional equipment. It might make you feel more comfortable and secure about the wedding pictures quality.

 I hope our advice was a bit helpful. Have lots of fun and enjoy planning your big day.

Planning your Wedding Day




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